Crime Doesn't Pay

Ares-Sentinel Journal Data Feed - A Hell of A Week
Auspicous start, chummers . . .

Milwaukee Ares-Sentinel Journal Data Feed

January 23rd, 2071

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[Shoot Out at Kenoshan Banks]

Kenosha District – Lone Star Security Services encountered hostile forces attempting to rob First Banking Center on Wednesday Night. Per officials, multiple armed individuals attempted to break into the bank; the ensuing firefight resulted in eleven Lone Star security officers dead as the perpetrators fled the scene. Per Carrie Featherstone, First Banking Center’s Public Relations Liaison, the robbery attempt failed, with no assets removed from either of the branches broken into. Lone Star has arrested several local go-gangers as prime suspects for the robbery. In a statement given on Wednesday, Lone Star Chief Giasarro stated, “The orks and trolls we have in custody having been plaguing the district for months now; it saddens me that their escalation in violence wasn’t stopped before eleven good officers were lost. We intend to prosecute this scum to the fullest extent of the law.” While witnesses to the arrest have indicated that twelve individuals were arrested, Lone Star records indicate that only five were arrested and processed. See Full Story?

[FDA Approves New Sim-Safe Drug]

Downtown District – The CFAS Federal Drug Administration approved a new drug that reportedly reduces brain-damage resulting from bio-feedback on Thursday. Charles Ranker, president of Abbott Davidson’s drug research and development division, addressed the media on the steps of Abbott-Davidson’s corporate offices with a prepared speech. “With the FDA’s approval, Abbott-Davidson can help protect Matrix users from potentially-dangerous bio-feedback that causes nearly six thousand deaths in the greater Milwaukee area each year. We’re very pleased that the FDA saw the benefits that Avrosec can provide for our customers.” However, not everyone attending Thursday’s hearing support the FDA’s decision. “This is a mockery.” says Peter Davoy, a leading prescription drug analyst that advocated against Avrosec during the hearings. “The FDA has approved that will mainly be used by individuals using illegal sim-sense.” Local synth-pop star Joey Vics also commented on the approval of the new drug on his trideo blog; “These pills will help prevent the mind-bleed while on tour, man. And they taste like grape soda. Uh . . . what was the question?” See Full Story?

^^Related Story^^ [Body Found on Lake Michigan Shore] Racine District – The body of Jack Floyd was found on the shore of Lake Michigan on Thursday, prompting an investigation by Lone Star Security Services. Per official reports, the victim’s death was caused by severe blunt trauma consistent with a prolonged beating. Lone Star Chief Giasarro’s office released a press release indicating that security officers were in the process of investigating possible ties between the victim and a Racine-based gang. Jack Floyd was the security officer for Abbott-Davidson’s Pleasant Prairie office, which was recently in the news when the offices were vandalized last week.

[False Alarms Puts Renraku Tower in a Panic]

Downtown District – False alarms set off at the Renraku Tower panicked the occupants on Tuesday afternoon. Reportedly, fire alarms were triggered for unknown reasons at 1:38. Per official reports from the MDFD, no signs of a fire were discovered, and the alarms appear to have been set off by an unknown assailant. “Such activities are truly dangerous for the Community,” fireman Pete stated, “because diverting fire fighters to a false alarm can cause increased property damage and lost lives if a real fire breaks out at another location.” The Renraku Games Development team has reported the loss of valuable data files held on servers that were damaged by water damages caused by the alarm system. Dr. Lina Tomlinson stated, “The resulting damage has pushed back further releases for Cerberus, unfortunately.” See Full Story?

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